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About Us

radyolojionline, the first teleradiology association of Turkey, was founded in 2006, in cooperation of Maltepe Imaging Centre and Euromed Imaging and Diagnostics Centre, two notable companies of this sector.


In our century, thanks to images captured using high technology for modern imaging modalities, the concept of “evidence based medicine” is forced to leave its place to “Information based medicine”. As a natural result of that, a need for serious archiving and expert radiologists has arised.


At this point, radyolojionline is founded to provide you with the services of creating the most accurate diagnostic reports and archiving the images in the right places. Radyolojionline makes it possible to view MRIs, MRI angiographies, BTs, PET CTs, mamographies, scintigraphies or digital X-Rays and all other radiological analysises online all over the world.

radyolojionline has 2 professors, 2 assistant professors, and more than 10 expert radiologists as staff members. Our services continue 7/24 & 365 days and when noted as URGENT to the system, the report is ready in 60 minutes.

Outside office hours, Radyolojionline has “oncall radiologist system” and feasts, holidays and vacations are no longer problematic to hospitals who benefit from our services. Images saved on 7 different servers in Istanbul’s various neighbourhoods are archived in at least 2 different places, which guarantees the continuance of our services. 

In April 2010 Radyolojionline has certified its quality of services with the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.


How does Radyolojionline work?

While your technicians image your MRIs, tomographies, mamographies and X-Rays, all the images reach our centre. Afterwards, every report is written by our expert radiologist of the subject and you can see through your screens whichever report you like, print it and hand it to your patient.

radyolojionline PACS system is convenient to speak to every device or software. Using the universal format of DICOM and HL7 standarts, system is 100% web-based. Hospitals who have an agreement, do not need expensive software or equipment, and it is very easy to connect.


Services provided by our company can be summarised in:

            -Reporting radiological images

            -Radiological consultation

            -Long period archiving of radiological images

            -Whole department solution


Advantages of working with Radyolojionline

•         7/24   &  365 days Service

•         Express reporting 

• In case of HIGH PRIORITY, reports can be written in 60 minutes.

•         Specialist Staff

• 2 professors

• 2 assistant professors

• More than 10 expert radiologist

•         Team Work

•  Reporting according to area of specialization (each area is reported by      the specialized radiologist)

•  Holidays, vacations are not problem for the contracted hospitals, the team arrange the reporting without interruption.


•          Data Acsess through internet

• All radiological images and reports  can be reached by internet from anywhere

• There is no investment cost and min patient quantity requirement for the contracted hospitals.


•          Range os Services (Variety of services)

• Reporting of radiologial images (in Turkish or English)

• Radiological consultation

•  Long term record keeping (archives )


•          Backup Systems

• In 4 different areas total 7 different backup servers


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