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Frequently Asked Question

Your Solution Partner in Radiology
With radyolojionline.com, you can reach your MR, MR angiography, CT, mammography, scintigraphy’s or digital X-Ray cases and related reports from any where in the world via internet. You can even do this a few minutes after the exam is taken. radyolojionline.com archives all your images and report for you. If you want, you would retrieve your images again after months or even years. radyolojionline.com started to serve you about studies relevant with reporting of Nuclear Medicine and PET CT. WELLCOME to the last point in radiology at radyolojionline.com We are looking for a radiologist who has the ACR certificate. Please fill out the JOİN TEAM form or contact us in order to become a member.

Reporting MR , CT and other radiological images
Radiological studies that you handled at your centers are transferred from internet in DICOM protocol and studies reported by specialized radiologists. This service is available 7 days and 24 hours by radyolojionline without interruption. In order to get an advantage of this service you would only need a computer on the internet and your radiological images must be in DICOM format. For more detailed information please contact us at info@radyolojionline.com

Reporting of Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT Studies
We are proud to announce that Radyolojionline has started to report your Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT studies with advanced infrastructure in teleradiology.

Radiological Consultation
Radiological consultatiton service is given in the event of your digitally registered patients’ images, which could be in CD or printed on film. It is so easy and possible to get radiological consultation service of your own radiological studies which you acquire at your center and it can be transfered via internet in DICOM protocol. If you would like to take the advantage of this service, your radiological images must be in DICOM format and you have to have an online internet computer. For more detailed information please contact us at info@radyolojionline.com

Administrating the Radiology Departmant
If you would like to transfer your department’s management , radiolojionline offers most suitable integrated medical equipment and busşness solutions for your institution and your patient groups. In this service pack, you will be getting the foloowing: -Providing of necessary radiological equipment -Providing of technician service -Reporting service are provided by radyolojionline.com For more detailed information please contact us at info@radyolojionline.com

Archiving Radiological Images
Radiological Studies that you obtain in DICOM format at your center can be transfered via internet for archiving to our high security radyolojionline PACS server, you can archive your studişes as long as you want. Any time, you can access to your archived studies, patients and reports and you can report or print your films again. This service is available 7 days and 24 hours by radyolojionline without interruption. In order to get an advantage of this service you would only need a computer on the internet and your radiological images must be in DICOM format.

Online Imaging of Your Patients’ studies (FREE OF CHARGE)
Dear colleagues, You can reach your patient studies which are acquired at our Active Reference Centers, with your own personal password in a few minutes after the exam is taken over the internet, from everywhere in the world. You can make measurements on the images and you can even burn your cases on a CD/DVD with your personal computer.

Reporting of Urgent Studies
During out of working hours,at night and on vacation days, radyolojionline can serve you as fast as ER for reporting. For more detailed information please contact us at info@radyolojionline.com

What is remote reporting?
Evaluating and reporting radiology cases is performed by sub-specialized radiologists at another location,city or country except the place where the images are acquired.

What is the history of remote reporting in the world?
Remote reporting is a system being used for many years. For example,some images which are taken in U.S.A could be reported in India, Australia or somewhere else. Speed of remote reporting obviously increased with technolojical developments of internet in todays world.

Is remote reporting available in our country?
radyolojionline.com is providing remote reporting for the first time in Turkey.

What is the benefits of remote reporting?
Remote reporting can be a life-saving service if there is no radiologist exist at the health centers, especially in ER. When we think about geographical situation of Turkey, remote reporting is easy and cheaper way if a sub-specialized opinion is required because of lack of sub-specialized radiologist.

Which hours does radyolojionline.com report?
7 day 24 hours.

Which system does radyolojionline use?
We serve with %100 web-based RamSoft PACS system.

In this system, is this possible making consultation on same patient in real time?
Yes, at the same time you and our coleague can examine on same patient and you can exchange your opinions on the internet.

Can I see images from any computer?
You have to have either Windows 2000, XP or Vista operating system on your computer , and you must have a internet connection to see the images and reports.

Can I report remotely for radyolojionline.com?
If you fill out the form “join the team” in our web site, your application will be evaluate.

How do hospitals and imaging centers utilize from this system?
You can archive your patients’ images and reports in your hospital as long as you want with central PACS system without making any expensive investments. You can reach the system via internet from anywhere in the world without additional expenses and interruption.

How long does radyolojionline.com save images?
Images and reports which were sent from a distance locations are saved in the system for 3 months from imaging time. Images can be stored for as long as you want with an additional cost.

Can patient’s doctor reach the images?
Yes, he/she can reach images from anywhere and everytime with our web-based system via internet. In fact, if he has a CD-Writer, he can burn a CD which includes the software for his patient to examine on his own.

What is the advantage of archiving images for tracking patients?
When patient comes again, his images and reports from his last visit can be use for comparison. With our system, there is no need to carry films and reports. Digitally saved images don’t turn black and they don’t get old and anytime they can be printed as first time quality.

Which kind of images are saved and how long are they stored in archives?
As long as you need to store your images. The subject isn’t about saving images. The most important thing is finding right study among thousands of patients with speed. To prove this subject, there must be a powerful substructure while images are stored.

What is teleradiology?
Evaluating medical images is became indepent of time and place with teleradiology. Basically, images could be reported outside of health centers where they were obtained.Frequently, teleradiology appliances are made of extensions of PACS and RIS (Radiological Information System) systems.

What is PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)?
In recent years, development of medical technologies become parallel with development of computer technologies. With changes of imaging methods, which are used for conducting studies, some utilities were produced for transferring and saving of images and reports. Recent progress about this subject is imaging and communication system briefly named PACS. PACS can be defined as a system which proofs acquiring, archiving or transmitting of digital images. This system enables to save digital images related reporets and these can be easily transported to other locations or computers exist in other health centers network.

What is DICOM?
DICOM (Digital Imaging and communications in Medicine) is a standart information protocl format which is used all around the world for obtaining medical images

What is HL7?
HL7 is an organization of developing standarts which was established in 1987. "Level Seven" represents the highest level of (Level 7 Application: defines language and syntax programs used to communicate with each other) connection model (Open System Interconnection - OSI) which is between open systems. HL7 standarts focus on exchanging information between clinic,financial and managerial information, hospital information system, clinical lab systems, pharmacy system and instutional systems. In PACS world, HL7 is used for communication between HIS/RIS and PACS.

What is SSL?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is used for data protection and integrity of knowledge, and it provides to save secrecy and integrity of knowledge with an encrypted communication between two sides. SSL protocol is supported by all of web servers and browsers.

What is a Modality?
Modalities are machines which take images in digital format. This equipments can be vary as MR, CT, CR , US,DR, NM.

LAN(Local Area Network - Local Network)
A network which is formed by all of equipments in a building, in a campus or in an office. (PC, Server, Network Printer, Modality, Switch, etc..) Mostly known devices are, phsyically as UTP cable (Alternate choice is Fiber Optic, Coaxial, etc...), interface as Etherhet (Alternate choice is Token Ring, Apple Talk, ATM, etc...), TCP/IP as soft protocol (Alternate choice is Novel IPX, IBM SNA, etc...)

What is HIPAA ?
It’s a law which stipulates to obey norms in electronical systems about keeping security, saving confidential documents of health centers and holding their standarts. Most important subject is secrecy of datas of health centers and datas must be prevented from people who haven’t permission. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996.

WAN (Wide Area Network – Common network)
This is a network which has a structure of combining LANs together.(Otherwise meaning Private Network). (WAN = LAN1 + LAN2 + LAN3) With another description, LANs can be at different places but it looks like you can run every network equipments from one place. For example, if you are able to establish a network between two centers, you can create a LAN, not WAN. Copper-plated cable or fiber optic cable are used for WAN. Leased Line, Frame Relay, X.25, Point to point G.SHDSL are used for interface and TCP/IP is used for soft protocol.

VPN(Virtual Private Network)
VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. Communication is verified by a encrypted tunnel between public networks and internet. Companies can easily reach their networks and servers using POP points and strength backbone in safe. We can describe this network type as a WAN which uses internet. You can have the same result with WAN and VPN, but there are some negativities and positivities between them. WAN is expensive, but it is safer than VPN. Because this network belongs to only you. It is necessary to have components like line, modem, port.. Performance can be guaranteed with choosen line. VPN is more cheaper than WAN. It is suitable for additional connections. VPN doesn’t guarantee performance and security, this is a handicap of VPN.

NAT(Network Adress Translation)
Every network device must has an IP number. This IP number is unique. It’s impossible to give IP number for every network device. In a LAN, 192.xxx is used as an IP number. Converting of IP numbers in LAN means NAT. NAT is used because there are limited IP numbers. Current NAT version is Version4 and you can express IP numbers like this example “ttt.xxx.yyy.zzz”. With IP Version6, there will be unlimited IP numbers. (aaa.bbb.ttt.xxx.yyy.zzz) Probably in 5 or 10 years, this system will be developed so virtual IP numbers will not be used anymore and eveybody will take their favourite IP.
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